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Rumford Chapter

Rumford Chapter


Rumford Chapter meets on the first and third Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m. We meet at Horace-Chase Lodge, North Main St. Penacook, N.H. Our Dad Advisor is Dalton Ordway (phone 735-5136), the Chairman of our Advisory Council is Richard Melvin (phone 226-4404) and our Master Councilor is Glendon Flint.


Our officers, installed February 28, 1999, for this term are:

Master CouncilorGlendon Flint
Senior CouncilorAlvin R. Davis, IV
Junior CouncilorRoss M. Baker
Senior DeaconThomas Aznive
Junior DeaconRoger P. Duhaime, Jr.
Senior StewardDaniel A. Ladd
Junior StewardThomas Ware
ScribeJoseph N. Amrol, PMC.
ChaplainJoseph Barbrie
Marshal Daniel Lee
Standard BearerAdam Barbrie


Members of our Chapter who are State Officers are:

Joseph AmrolState Chaplain



May 5State Sweetheart Ball
Contact Dad Ordway or Dad Melvin for details.

Trestleboard Horace Chase Lodge #74


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