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Exeter Chapter

Exeter Chapter


Exeter Chapter meets on the second and fourth Tuesdays at 7:00 PM. We meet at the Masonic Temple at 63 Water Street in Exeter, N.H. The phone number at the Temple is 778-8052. Our Dad Advisor is , Forrest Decatur (phone 642-5401), the Chairman of our Advisory Council is Orrin Hakey (phone 772-7217) and our Master Councilor is Norman Brandt.

The second meeting of each month is called a "fun meeting", where we have a brief meeting then go as a Chapter to do something strictly fun, such as bowling, a movie, or going to an arcade. During the rest of the month, not just at our "fun meeting", we also schedule some of these fun events, so we keep pretty busy. Other Chapters in the state also host fun events (dances, pool tournaments, etc.) and we join them in brotherhood and fun. Many of these fun times become "prospect parties", where we all invite friends who are not yet members to join us.

We share joint projects and joint fun events with the Rainbow girls of Exeter and through out the state. We also work with our local Masonic lodge and Eastern Star Chapter with community service projects, such as roadside clean-ups and collecting food for the local food pantries.

Then of course, there is always the first meeting of the month that we keep as a formal business meeting, with ritual opening. We also try to visit some of the other Chapters at their regular meetings.

We also want to wish Brother Nick Olmstead lots of good luck and best wishes while he is away at school in Texas.

Exeter Inquisitor   This is our monthly newsletter, which received an award from ISC. Please go and read it.
The current issue is not available.


The officers installed at our Installation on August 18, 2001 are:

Master CouncilorNorman B. Brandt
Senior CouncilorMichael J. Phillips
Junior CouncilorLawrence K. Brandt
Senior DeaconJason Selling
Junior Deacon
Senior StewardDan Richard


We currently have no members of our Chapter who are State Officers.



Dec 1Exeter Christmas Parade
Dec 6Advisory Board Meeting, 7:30 PM
Dec 11Our regular meeting, 7 PM


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