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SMC Desk

From the State Master Councilor's Desk


My thoughts as State Master Councilor for this Great State of New Hampshire.

I started my term in office with a lot of goals. The Main Goal all along has been to increase membership. This goal has be fairly successful. But I know that we can do better. Through all my travels to different Chapters, I found that it is mostly one or two of the guys who are bringing in the new members. I think that those guys are doing AWESOME. But what about the others? If every member of this great Order would bring in ONE new member, then the Chapters would double and the state-wide membership would double. Do you all see where I'm going with this little thought?

In closing, I have one more thought for now.

Strength is in numbers ... the more numbers, the Stronger we will be. And the more fun we can have as a group.


Edwin F. Decatur III
State Master Councilor 1998-1999


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